Welcome to My New Blog Site

Greetings all!

Just wanted you to know that I have updated my website at www.deacondan.com.

In addition to adding content, I have made a major upgrade to my Blog. You can now click through to my blog via deacondan.com, or go there directly at https://dandonnelly.wordpress.com

WordPress provides lots of features and benefits for you:

  • A variety of themes to help keep the look of the blog entries appealing
  • You can subscribe to my blog and receive an e-mail whenever the blog is updated
  • A simplified archive system helps you find the blogs you want to read
  • Tags and categories assigned to each blog entry to help find articles by topic
  • Lots of other features including RSS feeds, posting comments, and trackback to follow responses to your comments

From a blogger’s perspective, WordPress allows me to post blog entries easier and faster. And it helps me make edits or update quickly, on the fly, when needed.

In encourage you to visit my website and to visit my new blog. I recommend you subscribe to my blog so you receive updates whenever they are available.

I am still doing some minor editing to the blog site, but we are now officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Thanks, and happy surfing!

Deacon Dan Donnelly

This Blog Post Copyright Daniel R. Donnelly. All Rights Reserved. http://www.deacondan.com

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