Swing, and a Miss!

It’s that time of the year again. Time when hope springs eternal. You notice that the sun stays up a little longer in the evening. Nurseries have flooded your mailbox with catalogs for wonder seeds and plants guaranteed to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood. Sportscasters are beginning to predict which teams are in contention to win the World Series (Note to Cubs fans: you can stop reading now.)

Yes, folks, it’s Spring Training time and all of Cardinal Nation is abuzz with excitement over the team that plays for the greatest fans in baseball – The St. Louis Cardinals!

Each day we hear about a new group of players arriving at Camp, get the lowdown on how salary negotiations are progressing, and on off-season surgeries guaranteed to bring well-traveled veterans back to prime condition. You can’t help but be excited, and hopeful at this time of year.

But Spring Training Camp seems far, far away when you are still feeling the sting of sub-freezing temperatures and chances of snow in the forecast. It reminds me a little of how Jesus described the Kingdom of Heaven: It is here … but not now. It won’t be completely “here” until the Resurrection.

So we endure some of the challenges in life, knowing that you have to be in the game to win. You have to step up to the plate and swing if you want to get a hit. You have to keep trying, even when the results aren’t what you wanted.

That’s the way I am feeling today in my job search. I “struck out” on another job that I was interested in. I took a good cut at the job and missed. Does that mean I give up, take my ball and go home? No! It means I gather my thoughts, reflect on how I did “at the plate” and plan my strategy to get a “hit” the next time I get to the plate.

Professional baseball players are working hard at Spring Training. They are practicing the fundamentals, trying new approaches to improve their game, and learning to use their strengths to their ultimate advantage. The same approach should benefit anyone in their job search.

So, Batter Up!

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