Fourth Friday Project: Let Us Pray

On the fourth Friday of each month, we remember those who are unemployed or underemployed. We remember their families who depend on them and we remember their friends and loved ones who support them. Please take a moment and pray for all the unemployed in our country.

The Fourth Friday Project ( offers the following petitions for the unemployed.

Prayer for the Unemployed:

  • Shield your children from the fear and indignity of being unemployed, of not being able to find new work, of finding themselves unable to work, or having to accept a role which does not meet their needs for fulfillment or security.
  • Shield your children from the rampant greed which continues to lead to ruin for so many of our people, and promises only to lead our country and the world down a path which will further oppress those who have little.
  • Shield your children from the accepted policies, practices, and mindsets which place personal and corporate gain ahead of the good and well-being of employees and the unemployed.
  • Shield your children from all apathy and indifference which demeans the human spirit and fosters unnecessary hardship for those who can ill afford yet another setback in life.
  • Shield your children from leadership that prefers to ignore the needs and rights of all people; help us to develop new opportunities for all who are seeking work.
  • For the prayers and intentions of all members of the Votive Candle Prayer Network.

Prayer of the Unemployed

Compassionate and loving Lord – all your faithful followers join their voices in thanksgiving for the gift of this marvelous day and all the grace and blessings it brings to us. In spite of the many challenges and frustrations which we are faced with today, we are still able to recognize that we have been blessed, and in abundance. We remain grateful for the gifts which have allowed us to be successful while employed, and those gifts which we now call upon in our search for new work.

Merciful and ever-gracious Lord – we beg that you will continue to send your Spirit and your grace upon all who claim you as Lord. We look to you for help in being proper and appreciative stewards of all the resources and gifts you provide which allow us to serve our families and our communities. Grant us the insight and resolve to renew and refresh our efforts in searching for work. Bless us with the vision to see how to best present ourselves, our skills and experience, our potential to those who might have use for what we can do when at work. Share with us all that we need to be able to continue wrestling with the reality of being without work in these challenging times.

Your flock is deeply grateful for your ever-present love and support, dear Lord. We are most thankful for the many gifts we are able to call upon as we look for our next job. We ask you to never tire of reminding us of all the good you have done for us, and that we might be strengthened in our resolve to use our gifts to the best of our ability in accomplishing the tasks awaiting our attention today and in the future. Amen.

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