In Solitude I Wait


I recently recorded a video talk for the Marianist Retreat & Conference Center in Eureka, Missouri, as part of the center’s spiritual outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the lyrics to the song I referenced in that talk, and a recording of the song performed by my dearly departed friend, Jim Troll.

This song is relevant every day of our lives, but even more so in these times of quarantine, isolation and social distancing. It’s a love song from God, reflecting God’s constant yearning for us to spend time with him.

Be at peace, and know that you are loved,

Deacon Dan

In Solitude I Wait

Words and Music by Dan Donnelly

In the morning, as the day breaks I wait for you.
Can you hear me? Will you answer my call
To come and rest a while with me,
To spend some time alone,
Here in quiet solitude,
In the deepness of your soul?

Every moment of your lifetime I wait for you.
Don’t refuse me, I will answer your prayers.
You’ll find me in that sacred space,
Where fears are left behind.
Rest, my child, abide in me;
I will ease your weary mind.

In solitude I wait for you.
I’m longing to embrace your restless heart.
Beloved, I am here for you.
Come just as you are, rest here in my arms,
Leave your cares behind
And know that I am God.

In the stillness, in the quiet I wait for you.
Hush, my darling; I’ll provide all you need.
When life is hard to bear alone,
Just pause and say a prayer.
Enter into solitude,
For you know you’ll find me there.

In solitude I wait …

Be at peace, my beloved;
I am just a prayer away.
Do not hide your face from me;
Spend some time with me today.
Do not fear the darkness;
Leave your worldly cares behind.
Let me be the place to heal
Your heart, your soul, your mind.

In solitude I wait …

Copyright © 2005 Daniel R. Donnelly | All Rights Reserved |

1 thought on “In Solitude I Wait

  1. Thanks for sharing your marvelous song, Dan. And thanks especially for calling our dear friend Jim to mind. What a blessing to have known him, and to have teamed with him back in the day. Jim clearly had found a pearl of great price in his love of the Lord, and he was remarkably generous in sharing that gift with the rest of us!

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