It’s a Small World After All

First, let me apologize for anyone who now has the Disney tune stuck in their head …

Second, let me pause and reflect on how small this big world can be if you let it.

I have become a fan of Facebook and love the way it allows you to be connected with friends, family and business associates. I started like many others just to “experiment” with the social networking phenomenon and learned to love the way it allows you to stay connected with people who mean so much in your life. I find it amazing to see all of the secondary connections that also exist. (One friend is friend with another. He or she is connected to people the two of you didn’t know were connected. And so on.)

There is a message here about social networking (it is fun and interesting). There is also a message her about evangelization and the networking that can be made in faith circles. I list my FB name as “Deacon Dan” because I want to stay in touch with friends and family, but more importantly because I want to use this platform as a way of “connecting” with people to support them, to be available for prayer, and to be there when they need someone to just listen. So far, it is working great. I am constantly amazed at the number and types of connections I have made with other adults. I am also amazed at the number of people who list their religious beliefs as Catholic-Christian on their profile. What a wonderful and robust group of friends!

If we allow it, our world can seem very small. If we don’t look up and reach out to others who need our help or are willing to help us. It is a “small world” if we stay connected to others and if we are willing to stretch a bit.

Think about your own connectedness. Are you willing to reach out to others to help? Are you willing to allow others to reach out to you when you need help? Are you willing to stay connected with your faith community – no matter what size?

Spend some time in prayer thinking about all of the primary and secondary connections God has provided in your life. I am certain you, too, will see that it is a small and wonderful world that we live in if we stay connected.

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