Committee Charter – St Joseph Stewardship Committee

MISSION: To cultivate a culture of stewardship that highlightsprayer, participation and generosity in St. Joseph Parish.

VISION: To support the mission of St. Joseph Parish (“A Christ-centeredfamily engaging, connecting, and empowering God’s people”) in ways that promotestewardship.


  • Provide ongoing formation and instruction tocommittee members and other parishioners to grow a sustainable culture ofstewardship in the parish.
  • Collaborate with other parishes and the ArchdioceseOffice of Stewardship to identify and implement best practices in stewardship.
  • Establish committee goals, objectives andstrategies, to achieve the mission of the committee.
  • Monitor and measure programs and activities inthe parish that support a culture of stewardship.
  • Coordinate the distribution of an annualStewardship Report to parishioners that highlights parish prayer, participationand generosity for the year.


  1. Identify what the parish is currently doing topromote “personal stewardship” and “parish stewardship” that transforms thelife of the parish.
  2. Identify areas of growth for stewardship in theparish and recommend goals and objectives for the parish to implement.
  3. Develop a written Stewardship Plan to guide thework of the Stewardship Committee.
  4. Plan and coordinate an annual StewardshipWeekend (beginning September 2019) during which parishioners will be encouragedto re-dedicate their personal commitment to stewardship.
  5. Sponsor an annual Parish Ministry LeadershipMeeting to: a) Provide stewardship formation to leaders ofparish ministries to b) Discuss parish objectives and priorities; and; c) Provide opportunities for ministries tocollaborate and support one another.


The Committee will consist of 8 – 12 parishioners, approved by the Pastor.

  • The Pastor will designate one of the Committee Members as Committee Chair. The Committee Chair will be responsible for planning and facilitating Committee meetings and activities.
  • One of the Committee Members (selected by the Committee Chair) will serve as Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair will be responsible for securing meeting space for the Committee and will facilitate Committee Meetings in the absence of the Committee Chair.
  • One of the Committee Members (selected by the Committee Chair) will serve as Recording Secretary to record the minutes of each Committee meeting.

All Committee Members serve at the pleasure of the Pastor for one-year terms, renewable annually upon approval by the Pastor.

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