The Three-Word Project

One of my favorite parts of writing a blog is interacting with the people who read the blog and comment on it. Most comments are favorable and most are heart-felt. That is the purpose of my blog – to help connect with people in their spiritual journey by sharing thoughts, observations and reflections. Telling and sharing stories is a great way to facilitate that spiritual give-and-take.

A couple of weeks ago I sent an e-mail to people in my electronic address book, asking them to share their thoughts with me about their relationship with God. Here’s what I wrote:

I am reading the book “How Big Is Your God” by the Jesuit priest, Paul Coutinho. In one of the chapters, Fr. Coutinho writes: “My experience of God can be summed up in three words: ‘You are mine.’” Without reading any further, I had a pretty good idea of the type of relationship the author had with God. It got me to thinking …

What three words might I use to describe my relationship with God over the years? I encourage you to take some time and make your own three-word lists to describe your experience of God. If you would, I invite you to send me a copy of your list. I will compile an anonymous list of three-word phrases and will share them in an upcoming blog post.

I was amazed with the response. People submitted hundreds of responses, which are listed below. Some responses are very insightful, a few somewhat humorous, and some a bit disturbing! (Note to self: You might want to exorcise some of the names in your address book.) It was interesting to pick out some of the common themes of the three-word phrases submitted: forgiveness, awe, dependency, love, trust, struggle, etc. I can honestly say that I have experienced most of the phrases on the list at one time or another in my life. For me, that reinforces two important things I have learned so far in life:

  1. We are not alone in our thoughts and desires. After all, we all came from the same mold (the image of God). While we tend to see the world from a limited perspective (our own), many other people are experiencing similar events and feelings in their lives. While we are unique in our God-given gifts, we are all part of the “one body” that St. Paul preaches about.
  2. Our relationship with God changes over time. God never changes, but we do. And, thank heavens, God is always willing to meet us where we are. He is always calling us to him and isn’t opposed to stretching his arms a bit to reach out to us in times of need.

I invite you to take some time to read and reflect on the phrases people have shared with me. Try to identify the times and circumstances when you experienced similar feelings in you relationship with God. Think of all of the times God has reached out to help you, has taken you back when you’ve fallen to sin, and has been there beside you when you didn’t even notice. This type of reflection may lead to a new three-word phrase: Praise The Lord!

Be at peace and know that you are loved!

Deacon Dan

How Others Have Experienced God in Their Lives:

  1. A Calming Source
  2. A God Nearby
  3. A Servant’s Heart
  4. A Wrestling Match
  5. Abide in Me
  6. All I Need
  7. All In All
  8. Alpha And Omega
  9. Always With Me
  10. Always With You
  11. And You Are?
  12. Are You Kidding?
  13. Be At Peace
  14. Be Lifted High
  15. Be My Desire
  16. Be My Light
  17. Be My Shepherd
  18. Be Not Afraid
  19. Be On Fire
  20. Beginning And End
  21. Behold The Lamb
  22. Believe In Me
  23. Body Of Christ
  24. Breathed His Last
  25. Bring It On
  26. Bring Us Back
  27. By My Side
  28. Child Of God
  29. Christ Be Praised
  30. Christ, Have Mercy
  31. Christ Our Light
  32. Come, Follow Me
  33. Come, Holy Spirit
  34. Come, Lord Jesus
  35. Count Me In
  36. Creation Is Awesome
  37. Daily Prayer Partner
  38. Day By Day
  39. Died. Risen. Saved.
  40. Don’t Give In
  41. Don’t Give Up
  42. Don’t Be Lazy
  43. Dude, You’re Awesome!
  44. Eat And Drink
  45. Ever And Ever
  46. Ever-Living God
  47. Faith. Hope. Charity.
  48. Father. Son. Spirit.
  49. Fear No Evil
  50. Feed God’s Lambs
  51. Flood My Soul
  52. Foolish Little Boy
  53. For Your People
  54. Forgive Our Sins
  55. Give of Self
  56. Give Us Life
  57. Gives Me Patience
  58. Gives Me Strength
  59. Go For It
  60. God Be Glorified
  61. God Carries Me!
  62. God is Great
  63. God Is Love
  64. God’s Gotta Plan
  65. Good Morning, Lord
  66. Good Night, Lord
  67. Grant Me Peace
  68. Happily Ever After
  69. He Is Near
  70. He Loves Me
  71. Help Me See
  72. Here I Am
  73. Hey, You Listening?
  74. Higher And Higher
  75. Holy Spirit, Come
  76. Holy, Holy, Holy
  77. Hope In Me
  78. I Am Forgiven
  79. I AM Here
  80. I Am Here
  81. I Am Not
  82. I Am Saved
  83. I Am With You
  84. I Find Peace
  85. I Love You
  86. I Miss You
  87. I Need You
  88. I Surrender All
  89. I Trust You
  90. I Trust You
  91. I Will Follow
  92. I Will Lead
  93. I Will Listen
  94. I’ll Be There
  95. I’m Always Here
  96. I’ve Missed You
  97. In Christ Alone
  98. In Due Time
  99. In His Care
  100. In His Love
  101. In His Presence
  102. In My Heart
  103. In The Beginning
  104. In The Moment
  105. In Your Grace
  106. In Your Hands
  107. In Every Being
  108. Into Your Hands
  109. Is It I?
  110. It Is Finished
  111. It’s All Right
  112. It’s Just Begun
  113. It’s My Responsibility
  114. Jesus Loves Me
  115. Jesus Loves You
  116. Jesus, Mary, Joseph
  117. Joy. Joy. Joy.
  118. Just Be Patient
  119. Just Let Go
  120. Just Love Me
  121. Keep Me Safe
  122. Keep On Truckin’
  123. Keep The Faith
  124. Kind And Merciful
  125. Lamp Shining Brightly
  126. Lead Me, Lord
  127. Less Of Me
  128. Let God Arise
  129. Let It Be
  130. Let It Flow
  131. Let It Go
  132. Let Me Help
  133. Let’s Start Again
  134. Lift Me Higher
  135. Light of Christ
  136. Light The Fire
  137. Live In Me
  138. Lord, Have Mercy
  139. Lost Without You
  140. Love Came Down
  141. Love is Kind
  142. Love Is Patient
  143. Love Poured Out
  144. Love, Love, Love
  145. Man In Charge
  146. Man Up, Dude
  147. Maybe You’re Right
  148. Me No Understand
  149. Mean Old Man
  150. More Of You
  151. My Beloved Child
  152. My Best Friend
  153. My Everlasting Joy
  154. My Grace’s Enough
  155. My One Desire
  156. My Only One
  157. My Resting Place
  158. My Sacred Space
  159. My Shining Light
  160. Nature Is Amazing!
  161. Never Forsake You
  162. Never Let Go
  163. No You Didn’t
  164. No You Don’t
  165. No, This Way
  166. Not You Again
  167. O Happy Day
  168. Offer It Up
  169. On The Rise
  170. One More Time
  171. Open My Eyes
  172. Open My Heart
  173. Our Dwelling Place
  174. Our God Reigns
  175. Pardon Our Sins
  176. Patience, My Child
  177. Pillar Of Fire
  178. Pour It Out
  179. Pray For Us
  180. Pray With Me
  181. Prayer Life Peace
  182. Priest. Prophet. King.
  183. Protect The Vine
  184. Purify My Heart
  185. Reign In Me
  186. Remember Your People
  187. Rest In Me
  188. Rich In Kindness
  189. Seek His Blessing
  190. Seize The Cross
  191. Sharp Turn Ahead
  192. Show Me Mercy
  193. Snip, Snip, Prune
  194. Stay With Me
  195. Step By Step
  196. Teach Me Love
  197. Tend The Vineyard
  198. Tend This Vine
  199. Thank You, Lord
  200. The Big Guy
  201. The Devil Lost
  202. The Prime Giver
  203. There For Me
  204. There For Me
  205. This Will Pass
  206. Told You So
  207. Trust In Me
  208. United In Christ
  209. Waiting For Me
  210. We Are Saved
  211. What ‘Cha Doing?
  212. Where Are You
  213. Where Are You?
  214. Where You Been?
  215. Why Not Ask?
  216. Will Always Listen!
  217. Will You Follow?
  218. Word Among Us
  219. You Above All
  220. You Are Forgiven
  221. You Are God
  222. You Are Holy
  223. You Are Loved
  224. You Are Mighty
  225. You Are Worthy
  226. You Complete Me
  227. You Did What?
  228. You Lead Me
  229. You Or Me?
  230. Your Love’s Extravagant

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