Lighten Up, Francis! (and other favorite quotations)

“Lighten up, Francis!” is one of my favorite movie quotations; it’s from “Stripes” starring Bill Murray. This quotation reminds me to not let myself be brought down by negative feelings or situations It also reminds me that I need to write more upbeat blog entries from time to time!

Apparently this is outreach week – friends and relatives reaching out to me, checking on how I am doing with my job search, and how I am feeling (emotionally and spiritually). Well, I’ve had better times in my life … and I’ve had worse times. The secret to living a joyful life (I believe) is how we deal with these different times, these peaks and valleys we must traverse. I’ve allowed myself to get stuck in a valley. I needed a little “boost” this week to regain my positive momentum.

The message I received this week was that I needed to “lighten up” a little. Thank you all for that message!

My favorite quote from scripture is from Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” I first saw this quote on a plaque my wife gave me when we were dating in college. It is something that has stuck with me since that time and something I refer to when things get too difficult in my life. So, if I were to combine both quotes it would read:

“Lighten up, you can do all things through Christ. Let Him strengthen you.”

I pray that these words will remain etched in my heart, and yours as well.

Be at peace and know that you are loved!

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