Book Review: “Grace to Carry”

I had the privilege of reading a new book by a local author. The book, “Grace to Carry,” is described this way: “Through one friendship, two women find the perseverance, trust, and hope to endure their greatest challenge. Grace to Carry is the moving true story of St. Louis author, Marcia Putnam, portraying how God provides all we need with wisdom beyond our own choices. Inspirational photographs and quotes set the scene for each chapter. Readers have said, ‘You’ll cry, and you’ll laugh, but you’ll never underestimate the power of friendship again.’”

Sound like a “girly” kind of book? The author may agree with you but I don’t. Whatever your gender, this book offers great lessons to be learned.

I once wrote a song for my friend, Jim Troll, who was battling cancer. The first lines of that song are “A friend’s a friend forever, though seasons come and go. A love that’s freely given never ends.” This type of love between two friends plays out again and again in Grace to Carry. A true friend is always a friend – someone who will stand by you during the best and the worst of times. “Seasons” (different stages in our lives) do come and go. But that doesn’t affect how these two women view and live their friendship. They dedicate themselves to each other, to each other’s family, and to battling the hardships they must face. And they do it in a God-centered way that brings them abundant hope and faith.

If you are looking for a good read and a great reminder of what it means to share a true friendship and the blessings of hope and strong faith, I highly recommend this book.

Copies of the book may be purchased from Catholic Supply and are available via the author’s website:

Be at peace and know that you are loved!

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