Lifting Spirits, Changing Hearts

I have a confession to make: I like receiving compliments and words of encouragement. Honestly, who doesn’t? Kind words of gratitude and praise can go a long way toward lifting spirits and changing hearts. I believe in this so much that I keep a special file of such encounters.

If you saw my e-mail files, you would notice a special folder titled “Encouragement.” This is where I store e-mail notes received from friends who have sent me a prayer, a word of encouragement, or some other loving thought. It does my heart good to go to that file from time-to-time to remind myself of the fact that we are all beloved children of God and that we are never alone.

There’s a story of a little girl who keeps showing up in her parents’ bedroom one night claiming “There’s a monster in my room.” Each time the child would present herself to her parents, her mother would reply, “It’s OK. God loves you and will protect you … go back to bed!” After several failed attempts to nudge her way into her parents’ bed and after hearing one more time from her mother that “God loves you and will protect you,” the little girl replied protest, “I believe that God loves me, but tonight I’d like my God to have some ‘skin’.”

We can all be the face (and body) of Christ in others’ lives. It only takes a simple touch, a simple word or phrase to remind someone that they are loved. Consider reaching out to someone today to let them know they are loved. Give them some “skin”!

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